2023 spring travel trends

Plus, 5 destinations for every traveler to explore

Published March 2023

A van on vacation in a desert.
Pagosa Springs, Colorado vacation rental with a view

Spring has officially sprung. And with it, we can expect to see travelers exploring destinations near and far across the United States — particularly for weekend getaways, according to our latest joint survey with Allison + Partners.1 Of Americans with spring travel plans, 76% are planning a quick weekend trip and 67% are planning a long weekend excursion.

Of course, while travelers are setting their sights on a diverse set of weekend getaway destinations this spring, they’re also tightening their belts. Nearly 90% of U.S. consumers who plan to travel this season have shifted their planning to be more budget conscious.

For a closer look into traveler trends this spring, here are more insights from our spring travel survey.

Exploration is back on the map

  • For the majority of travelers, the destination is the motivation: 31% say where they’re traveling motivates them to travel most, more so than who they’re going with and the experiences they’ll have while they’re there (28% each).
  • Destinations run the gamut, with 48% of travelers planning to visit a waterfront destination, 42% planning to visit an urban or city destination, and 36% planning to visit an attraction-based destination like Las Vegas or Disney World. Also making the cut: outdoor recreation (36%), wellness retreats (20%), and movie/TV show set destinations (20%).2
  • This spring, road trips rule: 74% of Americans say they plan to drive to a spring vacation destination, whether by car or RV, and 44% say they plan to fly.2

Spending less is top of mind

  • Of consumers who plan to travel this spring, 88% say they’ve shifted their plans or planning behavior to be more budget conscious—with 34% opting to drive to their destination instead of flying, 32% monitoring prices to book when they find a deal, and 31% scheduling their trip around the least expensive days and weeks to travel.2
  • A quarter of travelers say they’ve booked their travel well in advance to save money, while a similar percentage plan to spend less once they get to their destination.

Vacation rentals have a winning edge

  • Among the 36% of travelers booking vacation homes for spring trips, 65% say they chose a vacation rental because they offer the best value for their money. (Other big reasons travelers are choosing vacation homes include access to private amenities like kitchens and laundry (55%), access to recreation and entertainment amenities (46%), and more unique and design-centric experiences (32%).)2
  • More than half of Americans (51%) say they’d travel somewhere to stay in a unique vacation rental like a treehouse or off-grid dome house. (This is especially true for hybrid workers (69%) and parents (59%).)

Ready to explore your next destination?

From waterfront oases to outdoor recreation retreats, check out these five Vacasa favorites.

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  1. Allison+Partners surveyed 1,000 consumers age 18 or older in the US. The survey was fielded using the Qualtrics Insight Platform and panel was sourced from Lucid Marketplace. Fielding was executed in January 2023.
  2. Question was “select all that apply,” accounting for multiple trips and, where applicable, totals of more than 100%.