How to plan a couples trip

We want your adventure together to be a wonderful one, so we’ve gathered six tips from our travel team to ensure your romantic getaway goes seamlessly.

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One of the greatest joys in life is exploring the world with someone you love. Travel is a fun way to grow together, try new things, check through that long list of dream vacations, and learn more about each other, as a couple and individually.

It’s easy to picture romantic getaways to California’s wine country or how you might watch the sunset along a Costa Rican beach, but planning the actual trip can be an entirely different process. Don’t let stress smother the excitement—you and your travel teammate are set with our 6 tips for planning a couples trip.

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1. Consider what you want out of your trip

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Are you envisioning a candlelit date night with a gourmet dinner or a quiet escape exploring a small town you’ve never heard of? At the end of your vacation, are you hoping to feel refreshed or inspired? When planning a romantic getaway, determine the length of stay, transportation, and climate included in your trip. Spend time thinking about the ideal experience you’d like out of your vacation together, whether that’s an active adventure, relaxation, or a simple break from daily routine.

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2. Agree on a budget

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It’s important to factor in each other’s finances and comfort level around spending when planning a couples trip. No matter whether you pay for travel together or separately, a vacation is all the more relaxing when you’re both on the same page. Deciding on a budget together will better inform the destination you pick, the activities you’ll enjoy, what restaurants to try, and which vacation rental to book. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think of budget-saving alternatives to cut costs where you can, such as buying groceries instead of ordering out, or planning your travel during a less crowded shoulder season.

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3. Pick a destination

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Once you’ve set the budget and discussed the experience you’re hoping for, choosing your travel destination is where the fun begins. The United States is full of unique experiences, so you can find an adventure that feels tailor-fit. Traverse your way through ancient ruins in New Mexico, cuddle up in a Colorado cabin, or sightsee one-of-a-kind attractions in Seattle. You can also find similar travel spots for every budget, whether an all-out oceanfront retreat in the Florida Keys or a shoestring beach trip to Myrtle Beach.

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4. Allow space for compromise

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Planning a couple's vacation is a fantastic way to work together. You’ll find you might favor varying destinations, prefer different paces of relaxation, or seek out contrasting activities during your trip. Enter: a happy compromise. Find ways you can both enjoy the vacation to the fullest. Let your partner pick a spot for breakfast if you can have dibs on dinner, agree to the horseback riding day trip as long as there’s a hot tub waiting at the end of it, or stick to a simple budget while allowing one night of indulgence. Remember, creating something you both will love is all part of the fun.

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5. Have fun with scheduling

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Depending on the length of your stay, you and your partner can each plan out a full day’s schedule or activity. So, how do you plan a couples trip that's exciting for two? Look for ways to experience something new together, whether booking a hot air balloon ride or snorkeling a barrier reef. Go the extra mile and surprise your partner with a tour of the museum they’ve been talking about, dinner with a view, or a sweet note of appreciation for sharing the adventure.

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6. Plan ahead, but leave room for spontaneity

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Of course you want to see all the area’s hot spots, but don’t feel restrained by an itinerary when planning a couples vacation. Leaving a little wiggle room in your schedule allows for those special moments you just can’t plan. Step away from the tours to find a charming local coffee shop for breakfast, take the scenic road for mountain views off the beaten path, or spend some downtime perusing the treasures of a corner antique shop.

Couples trip FAQ

Before heading out on a romantic getaway, consider the kind of vacation you’re looking for, pick a destination together, determine a budget, leave space for compromise, have fun building a schedule, and leave room for spontaneity. It’s also a good idea to go over a packing list together if you can share essentials like sunblock or bug spray.

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