Lily Bay Township Vacation Rentals

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About Lily Bay Township

Secluded in a large bay on Moosehead Lake, this small community in Maine boasts the state's largest lake just steps away. Summertime fun abounds with plenty of outdoor recreation, while fall foliage creates a colorful getaway every autumn.

When you stay at one of our Lily Bay Township vacation rentals, you can explore the beauty of northern Maine and Moosehead Lake any time of year. 

Where is Lily Bay Township?

Located in northern Maine about 164 miles from the city of Portland, this remote area runs along the coastline of Lily Bay on Moosehead Lake. The northern Maine city of Bangor is about 81 miles east, while the Canadian border is only about 75 miles northwest. 

Activities near Lily Bay Township

The main attraction of this area is the lake, where you can find amazing activities for everyone. From fly fishing and kayaking to a scenic cruise on a historic steamship, our vacation rentals near Moosehead Lake provide the perfect summer retreat. Plus, you'll be surrounded by the best moose-watching country around!

In the winter months, this area has just as much to offer. A pristine blanket of snow covers the scenic hills and forests. Go on a snowmobiling or snowshoeing adventure in the wilderness, or attend the Wilderness Sled Dog Race held every February in nearby Greenville for a fun outing. 

If you're looking for general amenities, restaurants, and shops, the small city of Greenville is about 12 miles south along the lakeside. Visit the local Moosehead Marine Museum and stroll by some of the historic colonial buildings along Lakeview Street. 

The Maine Highlands

Lily Bay Township and Moosehead Lake sit at the foothills of the Maine Highlands and the Appalachian Mountains. Rolling forested hills of pine trees characterize this area, offering stunning scenery and a remote locale. In the summer, you'll find hiking trails for every distance and level.

In the winter, experience the dense forest covered in a white blanket of snow while snowshoeing through the trails. From dog sledding to ice climbing in the nearby mountains, discover year-round activities for every type of outdoor enthusiast. 

Plan the ultimate New England retreat and explore the remote beauty of Maine when you stay at one of our Lily Bay Township vacation rentals.