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Find answers to some commonly asked questions from Vacasa homeowners, plus a shortcut to log in to your owner account.
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Your account has everything you need to stay on top of your home’s booking calendar, maintenance requests, finances, and more.

Top homeowner FAQ

Your local property manager can help with any questions about housekeeping, maintenance, and hourly billing—you’ll find their contact information in your online account.

Our Account Support team is here to answer questions about all aspects of your account—including your statements, calendar and holds, insurance, online account, revenue management, and financial performance.

The Account Support team is available Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. PST, at 971-254-3001 or at owner.accounts@vacasa.com. (Feel free to leave a voicemail and we’ll return your call during business hours.)

Please note that due to strict statewide regulations, homeowners residing in South Carolina will be assisted by Vacasa South Carolina brokers instead of Account Support.

Vacasa has a highly specialized team of writers who craft detailed descriptions of each home, including all of the property’s amenities. These descriptions are complemented by high-quality photos and 3D home tours.

If you’d like more detail on how this process works, check out the recent webinar on The Art and Science of Digital Marketing from our VP of Digital, Caleb Donegan.

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We use proprietary technology to charge fluid prices that automatically adjust based on market conditions. This method of “dynamic pricing" for vacation rentals relies on advanced algorithms that factor in millions of data points to set the right price, for the right customer, at the right time. On top of that, regional revenue management teams go over your rates to make manual adjustments based on knowledge of local events, weather, and more.

A short webinar with Natalia Sutin, our VP of Revenue Management, offers more detail on how it works.

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You have the option to place an occupancy limit on your home. If you opt not to do so, we’ll set the maximum occupancy based on the number of beds, fire codes, and any local/state/HOA regulations that may apply. Our Good Neighbor policy prohibits large gatherings or parties from taking place—and in some homes, we install noise monitoring software that alerts our team if the volume reaches a certain threshold. We also monitor occupancy by creating relationships with neighbors to ensure that residents feel comfortable contacting us with any issues.

Vacasa guests pay a small damage fee per night, which is calculated based on the size of your home, that covers accidental damage up to $2,000. Upon guest check-out, we assess damage and make any necessary repairs as soon as possible.

To keep up with demand, our housekeepers are working around the clock to ensure that homes are clean and ready for guests. In an ideal world, we might have the same housekeeper clean specific homes—and in some cases that does happen, where the housekeeper visits a home several times within a month.

Given the volume of homes and reservations, we cannot guarantee that the same housekeeper cleans your home each time. But, you can expect that he or she is part of a tight-knit team that communicates regularly.

In some markets, we can list homes as “snowbird-friendly,” meaning that they allow reservations of 30 days or more. If this interests you, contact owner.accounts@vacasa.com to see if your area allows this and update your vacation rental listing accordingly.

We abide by all local regulations on vacation rentals and never operate where short-term rentals aren’t permitted. That said, if a market proposes or implements measures that we find unreasonable, our government relations team is prepared to proactively lobby in favor of vacation rentals and the benefits they bring to local communities. Our team also works closely with the government relations group of our trade association, the Vacation Rental Management Association, to make a bigger impact.

COVID-19 bookings, cleaning, and more

On top of our standard unit appearance cleaning guidelines, we launched Vacasa Premium Clean, a program that meets or exceeds CDC recommendations and guidance from hospitality industry experts. With this program, our goal is to provide even more support and protection to everyone in the Vacasa community.

The health and safety of our guests, employees, and communities continues to be our top priority. Our legal team is closely monitoring mandatory rest periods for every market that we operate in, and they are being implemented as required. Once local governments issue regulations around rest periods, we are able to automatically place holds on booking calendars to block off the required rest period. Reservations that don’t fit into the rest period schedule are moved, and those guests are issued Future Stay Credit to rebook a trip for a later date.

Yes. If a reservation is cancelled due to a rest period or any other reason, in most cases the guest is issued a Future Stay Credit rather than a refund. We have seen incredible success with our Future Stay Credit program. Guests are rebooking trips, utilizing their credit—and spending a little more. In fact, we’ve seen an extra 38% in revenue, on average, from guests who use a Future Stay Credit—meaning for every dollar in credit redeemed, guests are spending an extra 38 cents on top of that.

None of us could have foreseen the impact that COVID-19 would have on the world at the start of the pandemic. Now, we’re in a different place and are more informed about the disease. Should a second wave hit in the fall/winter, we’ll be prepared to respond quickly. The health and safety of our homeowners, guests, and employees will remain our top priority, and we’ll act in their best interest—whatever the scenario might be.

Webinar content can be accessed via the recap email that is sent to all of our homeowners afterward. You can also find the most recent webinar recording on our COVID-19 resource page.

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