Earn 15–20% more with a hot tub

We’ll take care of the upfront costs and all the legwork. You’ll earn more, with zero interest and zero hassle.

Outdoor hot tub of vacation rental in South Lake Tahoe
A housekeeper cleaning a hot tub

We’ll handle everything

And we mean everything. We’ll research and recommend the perfect hot tub for your property, purchase it, and have it professionally installed. Once your hot tub is up and running, we’ll keep it sparkling clean with our ongoing maintenance program.

Your guests will love it

Hot tubs are one of the most searched-for amenities on Vacasa.com. The numbers show that adding a hot tub can increase the number of your bookings, earn you a higher nightly rate, and contribute to positive guest reviews—leading, on average, to a 15–20% increase in overall revenue.

A hot tub on a patio in the mountains

Interest-free repayment

Paying us back is easy. We’ll simply take the cost out of your monthly owner statement over 12 months (it’s not a loan, so we don’t charge you interest). We believe your home’s rental potential will increase so much, it will pay for itself.

Hot tub program terms, conditions, and FAQ

Hot tubs are one of the most popular vacation rental amenities across our markets. Data shows that adding a hot tub can increase your number of bookings and your nightly rate—ultimately boosting your overall rental revenue by 15–20%.

In order to participate in Vacasa’s hot tub buying assistance program, the following criteria must be met:

  1. You must have an existing contract with Vacasa as your vacation management company.
  2. You’ll need to sign a supplemental agreement with Vacasa to verify your repayment for Vacasa purchasing a hot tub on your behalf.

Equal payments will be taken out of your monthly owner statement for 12 consecutive months, starting three months after the installation of your hot tub.

If you terminate your relationship with Vacasa prior to the repayment being completed, you will be required to make the full repayment as stated in the supplemental agreement.

Email info@vacasa.com with any questions.