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About Dolphin Condos - South Padre Island
Heading to South Padre Island? Save a spot near the Gulf at one of our Dolphin Condo rentals. Whether you want to take a dip in the water or walk around town, Dolphin Condos has something for everyone. Relax in the pool or jacuzzi after a day of exploring all that South Padre Island has to offer. There’s no better place to spend your South Padre Island vacation than at Dolphin Condos.

Where are our Dolphin Condo rentals?

Our Dolphin Condo rentals are in the perfect location for you to enjoy your Gulf of Mexico trip. Located on Dolphin Street right in the middle of South Padre Island, Dolphin Condos are just steps from the many restaurants and attractions that line Padre Boulevard. Head in the other direction, and you’ll find yourself at the sandy Gulf of Mexico beaches in seconds.

Things to do in South Padre Island near Dolphin Condos

There’s no shortage of fun activities near a Dolphin Condo rental. Visitors can go fishing, snorkeling, or boating in the Gulf of Mexico. The nearby Schlitterbahn Waterpark is full of attractions that offer plenty of fun for the whole family. Adult visitors can also take in the tranquil atmosphere of one of the many local spas, before visiting the huge selection of nearby bars and restaurants that make up South Padre Island’s vibrant nightlife. If you want a South Padre Island condo in the perfect location to take part in all these activities and more, book a Dolphin Condo rental today.