What size beds should I put in my vacation rental?


Key takeaways

  • Bed size is a huge factor behind a guest’s decision to book and how comfortable they’ll be once they’re there.
  • King beds are a rare luxury and most desired by guests, while bunk beds can make your vacation rental more appealing to families.
  • Make each bedroom equally appealing in bed offerings. If you offer a queen bed in one room, don’t put a futon in another.

When setting up a new vacation rental, one of the first questions you’ll need to address is how to configure the bedrooms. Which size bed is best for each room? Different bedroom setups will appeal to different types of travelers, and how each room is set up can be the deciding factor in whether a guest chooses your home over another.

Though vacation homes usually offer guests more than a traditional hotel room, their main purpose is still to provide a comfortable place to sleep at night. The quality, quantity, and size of your beds is one of the most important features of your rental home.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the best bed size(s) for your space.

King-size is most desirable.

A king-size bed is a luxury—which is what vacation is all about. Guests who don’t have a king bed at home will appreciate being able to fully relax, while those who do have a king-size mattress won’t feel like they’re downgrading. Plus, finding a vacation rental with a king bed is rare, so opting for one can help set your home apart from others. If a bedroom can fit a king-size bed, get one!

Consider who will likely be staying in your home.

Look at other vacation rentals in your area or your past guest history to get an idea of who will be using your home and what would best suit them.

For homes in family-friendly destinations, or for those simply looking to attract more families, a room with two twin beds or bunk beds can be more appealing. But that same layout would likely turn off a group of couples who will be seeking beds big enough for two adults.

In certain locations, you may even consider loading bedrooms up to fit three or four to a room for hosting ski or surf camps.

Focus on universal appeal.

Regardless of its location and size, your home is likely to attract many different guests with unique needs and tastes. While you likely can’t please everyone, aim to make each bedroom equally appealing. Imagine two couples sharing a vacation rental having to argue over a room with a king-size bed or one with a futon!

If you do choose to configure a room with twin beds, decorate them with neutral, unisex bedding. A family with two young boys may not be thrilled with a room that’s pink from floor to ceiling.

Don’t overstretch your home’s occupancy with too many beds.

If you put a king-size bed in every room, plus a sleeper sofa or two, your home can draw larger groups looking to stay together. But how comfortable will they all be? If you have enough beds to accommodate 20 people, but only two bathrooms, the guest experience will likely suffer.

Find a balance that prioritizes comfort over occupancy to ensure guests have an enjoyable experience and encourage repeat bookings.

Bed size and quality are huge determining factors in which guests will book your home and how comfortable they’ll be. Make the necessary time, effort, and investment in this decision to help this amenity set your home apart from others.