The must-have bedroom checklist for vacation rentals


How to turn your vacation rental or Airbnb bedroom into a space that’s warm, welcoming, and worth booking

Transforming your vacation rental into a luxe retreat starts in one room—the bedroom. More than just a place for your guests to unwind and get a good night’s sleep, this is also where they’ll stash their belongings and get ready for the activities ahead each day. Most importantly, your bedroom photos can help guests decide if your vacation rental is worth booking or not.

It takes more than a comfy mattress and soft sheets to reel in visitors. That’s why, when creating or sprucing up your vacation rental bedroom, think beyond the bed. Here’s a bedroom furniture checklist and recommended inventory and accessories to give guests a sumptuous stay worth every cent.

Inside a Whidbey Island vacation rental bedroom with a large white bed and artistic decorations.

Bedroom essentials for Airbnbs and all vacation rentals

Thick mattress

A comfy bed may seem like an obvious place to start, but it’s worth repeating. Consider how many times you’ve slept in a friend’s or relative’s guest room, only to toss and turn all night because of a lumpy mattress or squeaky springs. Your mattress choice can either garner glowing reviews or endless complaints, so invest in comfort. Memory foam mattresses are surprisingly inexpensive and are more durable than spring mattresses (no more broken coils).

Waterproof mattress protector

Wear and tear happens. As do spills, dirt, and dust. A mattress protector, a fabric cover that zips around your mattress, is your first line of defense that will help you extend the life of your mattress. Cleaning is simple. Just toss it in the washing machine with the rest of your bedding at the end of each stay.

Soft sheets

Looking for the best bed sheets for your vacation rental? Take a cue from hotels. They dress their beds with high-thread-count and 100 percent cotton sheets that make guests want to stay in bed all day. The key is using crisp, all-white sheets, which are also easier to wash and replace. Consider keeping an extra sheet set (per bed) tucked away in case of any spills or accidents. Vacasa homeowners can take advantage of the Vacasa Linen Program, which gives them new hotel-quality linens each year (2 sets for each bed) and a stock of fluffy white towels.

Duvet or comforter

Top the bed with a warm duvet or comforter to treat guests to a luxurious night’s sleep. Or mimic the pristine beds in luxury hotels by using triple sheeting. We suggest keeping a spare clean duvet or comforter in your closet or tucked into a dresser for those extra chilly nights.

Vacasa bedroom inventory tip
Tired of guests muddying up your blankets when they want to huddle outside by the firepit? Keep your bed blankets safely indoors by providing plenty of durable outdoor blankets. These blankets are made of fabrics like fleece or wool, are often waterproof, and come in “outdoorsy” palettes and patterns like plaid. Stash them in a visible place so they’re easy to grab and go, like beside the patio door.


A headboard does so much more than stop pillows from slipping off. It adds a focal point to the bedroom, serves as an anchor for your room’s design, offers support for guests who stay up reading, plus lends a warm cozy feeling. Beds tend to look bland and boring without one.

Two pillows (per person)

Guests are particular about their pillows. So much that luxury hotels have even gone as far as offering pillow menus to their guests to customize their sleep experience. While you don’t have to go that extra mile, consider offering both firm and soft pillows to give your vacation rental guests choices. Layer your pillows for the most luxurious effect. Start with large square Euro pillows, followed by your sleeping pillows, then add decorative throw pillows to pull your look together.

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Window covers

Give your guests the privacy they deserve. Covering your windows with curtains, blinds, or roller shades also blocks out light for guests who prefer to sleep in complete darkness. To add even more texture and depth to a room, we recommend layering blackout curtains over flowy, opaque panels.


Place a nightstand—either on one or both sides—so your guests will have a surface to place their phone, book, a glass of water, or whatever else they want beside them when they sleep. Be creative. Nightstands don’t have to be traditional. You can repurpose end tables, TV trays, bar carts, even step stools.


Soft, warm light, whether from a small desk lamp or a floor lamp, is the one of the best ways to ease into sleep. It also creates a coziness that overhead lighting can’t. Guests will appreciate the task lighting so they can catch up on work or read a book without disturbing anyone else.


We recommend placing at least one drawer storage piece in the bedroom so your guests don’t have to live out of their luggage. Ideally something that offers at least 4 drawers so that two guests in the bedroom can share the space.

Hangers or hooks

Just like at home, your vacation rental guests may not want to keep their items folded to avoid wrinkles. If your bedroom has a closet, provide a set of matching wood or velvet-lined hangers to hang up any special items or coats. No closet? Add some hooks on your wall.

Outlet near the bed

Guests will want to charge their phones close by overnight. If your bed isn’t placed close to an outlet, provide an extension cord. If aesthetics are a concern, not all extension cords are ugly or utilitarian. There are now several on the market that are lined in fabric or sophisticated patterns.

Inside a Guerneville, CA vacation rental bedroom with wooden wall panels and balcony overlooking a forest.

Vacation home bedroom extras your guests will be grateful for

Making guests feel like they’re in a (nicer) home away from home takes more than just providing the essentials. The little things count. And, they’re noticed and appreciated. Here are ways to make a bigger impact with small touches.

Alarm or wall clock

Yes, travelers usually use their phones as their morning alarm. However, most people would appreciate having a bedroom clock to glance at, especially if they don’t want to miss anything in their schedule (like a flight!).


A thick, cozy rug in the bedroom offers a warm and soft place for your feet to land in the morning. This is especially true if you have tile or hardwood floors. Plus, it adds more color, texture, and depth to your room, giving it an instant design impact.

Chair or a bench

Not only is a chair the perfect spot for guests to toss their bags onto or hang their jacket on, it’s also ideal for when you’re getting ready and putting your shoes and socks on in the morning.

Portable air conditioner or space heater

If your vacation home doesn’t have central air conditioning or heating, then guests will more than appreciate these items to control the temperature in any room, especially the bedroom. Nothing ruins a night like an ice cold or sweltering hot room.

Iron and ironing board

You’ve seen them in hotel room closets. And, for good reason. Clothes end up in a wrinkly chaos after a day of travel smashed in a suitcase. Guests will want to refresh their clothing after unpacking.

Decor and accessories

Style and design matter, especially for first impressions and in your property photos. Whether it’s art on the walls, patterns on your throw pillows, or sticking to a design theme or color scheme, these details will set the scene for either a standard or standout guest experience.

Vacasa bedroom decor tip
Whatever look you’d like to go for, remember that minimal spaces look the most sophisticated and clean. Be intentional about every piece you bring in and don’t clutter your space.

Inside a Tucson, AZ vacation rental bedroom with a white bed, wooden style furniture and fireplace.


Live in a boisterous area with lots of activity? Consider offering individually wrapped ear plugs so your guests can sleep through all levels of din and wake up refreshed, instead of restless.

Laundry basket

Otherwise, where would your guests put their dirty laundry and towels? On the floor? Having a designated spot for dirty clothes means your guests will have an easier time keeping your home clean and make laundry a cinch.


The unsung hero for keeping things cool. Sometimes guests don’t need full-on air conditioning power—just an open window and a light breeze from a fan to keep things comfy.

Full-length mirror

Guests love the chance to check themselves out before they head out, whether they’re going to the beach, the golf course, or a dinner. Mirrors also expand a space and reflect light, making even the smallest bedroom feel bigger. Hang one on the back of the door or on a wall nearby so guests can do a once over before walking out.


There’s a reason why you’ll find luxurious, white robes in hotel suites. To guests, they’re a luxury that makes them feel pampered and taken care of. And, they can make a bedroom feel like a spa-like sanctuary, such as this popular Vacasa vacation home in Cannon Beach, OR. Best of all, they’re low maintenance. Simply toss them in the wash with the rest of your whites to get them fluffy and clean again for the next guests. No need to put these in every bedroom. Providing two in the primary bedroom will make a big enough difference.

Inside a Palm Springs, CA vacation rental bedroom with large open space, white bed and hanging shelves.

Vacation home bedroom essentials to keep guests safe

Bedrooms aren’t all furniture and frills. Safety is a major concern for any traveler, especially at night. Keep your guests assured and confident in their surroundings by providing these items in every bedroom.

Smoke detector

In addition to a fire extinguisher in the house, a smoke alarm is a safety essential in every room, especially in bedrooms where your guests sleep. Make sure to keep a note in your calendar when batteries need to be replaced. Plus, remember to comply with local and state ordinances.

Carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, and toxic all at once. Even small amounts of it can be dangerous. So, give your guests (and yourself) peace of mind by providing carbon monoxide detectors. Purchase one that plugs into the wall, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. Also, remember to comply with local and state ordinances.


Let guests know you value the safety of their treasured belongings as well. It’s common for travelers to hit the road with laptops, passports, extra cash, expensive cameras, and tablets in tow. When they leave for a day of adventure, give them a safe place to store their valuables.


Blackouts can happen. If the electricity goes out, make sure your guests aren’t frantically stumbling around in the dark by leaving them a small, battery-operated flashlight in the nightstand.


Guests may want to grab a drink of water or head to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Light the way both in the bedroom and the hallway outside by keeping a nightlight plugged in (which guests can always unplug if they prefer more darkness).

Vacation rental bedroom inventory checklist FAQ

Whether it’s sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, or the duvet itself, you should wash all bedding at the end of each stay. While it may have been acceptable in the past to launder duvet inserts or blankets less frequently, today’s travelers demand that any linens they’ll eventually touch be 100 percent clean and sanitized upon arrival. This is so vital that some markets are even requiring this in all lodging.

There are so many mattress options out there, it’ll make you want to nap. To narrow down your choices, we recommend first considering how many beds you have in your vacation rental and your overall budget. Also, how much time do you want to invest shopping? While there are still plenty of mattress stores you can walk into to test the mattresses yourself, there are several online mattress-in-a-box companies, such as Casper, Layla, Tuft & Needle, and even Amazon. We recommend foam mattresses over spring, as spring coils can get noisy, aren’t as comfortable as memory foam, and can break.

Shopping for sheets for each bed. Buying tons of towels. Laundering them after every stay. Replacing them when they start to fray or get stained. A lot of work—and potentially a lot of money—goes into outfitting your vacation rental with all the necessary linens. They’re an important detail that guests notice (after all, they wrap themselves in these sheets and towels!). A linen service can make all of this easier. For instance, our Vacasa Linen Program provides you with two sets of hotel-quality bed sheets per bed and an ample supply of white, fluffy towels. You pay an annual fee and receive a new set of linens every year. Plus, we replace your bed sheets and towels if they get too run down and worn before your next annual payment.

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