The ultimate inventory checklist for vacation rentals


The complete vacation home checklist every guest wants you to have

You’ve heard it before: It’s what's inside that counts.

That’s especially true for vacation rentals. Even a stunning exterior can’t make up for a home that’s ill-equipped to serve guests. Before you roll out the welcome mat for guests, first things first—go shopping.

Stocking your home with all the right essentials and brilliant extras (trust us, your guests will notice the extras) will make them happy they booked your home over another. However, shopping and stocking your vacation rental can be an arduous process. That’s why we’ve put together this complete, all-in-one guide to stocking every room in your vacation home (plus your outdoor space), and what to stock to keep families and dogs happy.

Go in depth with our vacation rental room-by-room checklists

Want to just revamp your bathroom or make sure your kitchen carries all the cooking essentials? Check out our individual room checklists so guests feel taken care of no matter which room they’re in.

Living room checklist

First impressions count. Not only is your living room usually the first room your guests experience when walking in, it’s where they’ll linger and lounge the most during their stay. In other words, the living room is the centerpiece of your home. Stock your living space to elevate how your guests gather and relax, whether that’s with a movie night, playing games, or simply taking a nap.

Read our vacation home living room checklist >

Bedroom checklist

Want guests to feel cozy? Then copy how luxury hotels view their sleeping areas. They’re more than places to sleep—they’re sanctuaries where guests relax and recuperate after a day of activities. It starts with thinking beyond the bed and providing them with all the items they’ll want to reach for once they unpack.

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Bathroom checklist

The secret to elevating your bathroom experience? First, ensuring it’s sparkling clean. Second, stocking it with the right amenities, in the right way. It’s all about the details. You may have a stunning ocean view, but if you’re leaving guests with thin, threadbare towels, the experience will feel downright dingy. This checklist, along with some of our favorite bathroom tips, can transform your bathroom and make every day a spa day.

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Kitchen checklist

Prep your kitchen for whatever your guests want to cook up, from gourmet meals to coffee breaks to midnight snacks. After all, a fully stocked kitchen is one of the biggest advantages that vacation homes have over hotel rooms. Most guests tend to look forward to cooking meals together, saving money on dining out, and eating whatever and whenever they please. Here’s what to have in place for them to dine deliciously no matter the meal.

Read our vacation home kitchen checklist >

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Vacation home checklist FAQ

Stocking each room of your vacation home can quickly feel like a never-ending task. Following a checklist for your vacation rental can make it more manageable and will help keep your purchases organized. Most important, it ensures that you’re including all the vital items for your guests, from a house manual to plates to a toaster. It also serves as a helpful tool for verifying if anything has been damaged or gone missing after guests check out.

Today’s guests are concerned about cleanliness and sanitation more than ever before. Any left-behind grime from the previous guests will have travelers questioning not just the quality of your home, but their own safety against germs as well. A checklist guides you through a fastidious cleaning process, room by room. Immaculate housekeeping is all about details, and a checklist makes sure no spot goes unnoticed.

Steal our vacation rental housekeeping checklist >

Excited to welcome your first paying guests to your vacation home? We don’t blame you. But first, pause to consider what your guests will need throughout the rental, from the bedrooms to the kitchen. There’s a lot to prepare before opening your doors to guests. That’s why we put together comprehensive checklists for every main room of your house, including the living room, bathrooms, bedrooms, and kitchen. Better yet, download our ultimate vacation rental inventory checklist that covers your entire vacation home, plus what to provide to families traveling with children and dogs.

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