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About Las Condes
Las Condes, located in the commercial capital of the Santiago Metropolitan Region, is one of Chile's 52 communes. Natives of Chile recognize Las Condes as an upscale area that is home to mostly upper-mid-income to high-income families. Consisting of major financial districts, this neighborhood also has noteworthy shopping plazas and parks, with many artsy venues nearby. A stay in this eclectic Santiago commune also makes for easy day trips to coastal cities like Valparaiso and Viña del Mar!

Shopping in Las Condes

Shopping in Las Condes isn't just shopping; it's an experience. The neighborhood is filled with boutiques that are perfect for souvenir shopping, but major retail venues make for a shopping extravaganza! Parque Arauco is one such venue. With dozens of high-end stores, this mall also boasts a Cosmic Bowling Center with an arcade, an ice-skating rink, a 14-room movie theater that seats 2,790 people, an art gallery, and a theater that hosts live performances. After a day of shopping, choose a great restaurant on the outdoor boulevard of the mall and settle in for some live music and lots of relaxation.

The recently built Costanera Center, the largest shopping mall in South America, is a whopping six stories tall. It features boutiques and name-brand stores alike and even includes a jumbo supermarket, a cinema, a gym, and the first Hard Rock Cafe in the country. Alongside the mall is the attached Costanera Torre, the tallest skyscraper in South America.

Wine Tasting in Las Condes

Wine is a big deal in these parts of Chile! This region is home to world-renowned wineries, and visiting one will teach you all about the distinct-tasting regional wine. Santa Carolina is one of the oldest vineyards in Chile, having just celebrated its 140th anniversary. A guided tour of Santa Carolina will give you access to the winery, parks and gardens, the colonial estate house, and the cellars and underground cellar. You'll also get to experience three wine tastings, and first-time visitors will receive a souvenir. If you're lucky, you'll get to attend the Fiesta de la Vendimia - Chile's wine harvest festival.

Exploring Las Condes: Chilean Style

Simply walking around this commune will teach you a lot about Chilean culture and the vibrant atmosphere of Las Condes. Apoquindo Avenue, a stretch of highway almost four miles long, is the business mecca of the area, so much so that it's termed "Sanhattan" as a combination of "Santiago" and "Manhattan." With its wide sidewalks, you can take a stroll in the city and make your way down to the Church of San Vicente Ferrer. Las Condes and the surrounding areas feature other memorable landmarks as well, including the Plaza de Armas.

Las Condes (and the neighboring commune of Providencia) are certainly upscale areas, but our vacation rentals will make your stay here even more elegant. This commune packs a punch in terms of culture and entertainment, and when it comes to adventure, Las Condes is limitless. If you're looking for an international getaway that you won't soon forget, this destination is perfect for you!

Photo Credit: Alobos Life via Flickr