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About Central Hungary

The fairytale Gothic architecture pieces the skyline into the perfect backdrop for ancient adventures and modern romance. The iconic spires and cobblestone streets of Central Hungary tell countless stories and are waiting for countless more to be written in the lush forests and the clubs of its world-renowned nightlife.

Historians, adventurers, and artists have flocked to Central Hungary for hundreds of years, and with so many places and attractions to explore, it's no secret why. Whether you're planning a family trip to see the sites and create memories that will last a lifetime, or a thrill-seeking solo traveler seeking inspiration for your next amazing artistic expression, our vacation rentals in Central Hungary offer an ideal home for everyone.

Where is Central Hungary?

Nestled in the heart of Hungary between Central Transdanubia, Northern Hungary, and the Northern Great Plains, our vacation rentals in this picturesque location provide easy access to day trips into the countryside as well as metropolitan conveniences.

Whether you're weaving your way through the medieval streets on a tour learning about the storied past, or floating down the Danube River on a cruise, you'll find postcard-perfect spots around every corner and river bend. 

Sights & Adventures in Central Hungary

Boasting more than 200 rooms, the Buda Castle was rebuilt in the 18th century for the influential Habsburg monarchy. This towering UNESCO World Heritage Site has become a symbol of Budapest. Guided tours will reveal the hidden stories and the world-changing history the walls have seen. Make sure you visit the Buzogány Tower to see some of the original pieces of the first construction and then snap a shot or two of the stunning and impressive South Tower from the 15th century.

Explore the wonders of the Danube River with a spot on a leisurely cruise, or maybe a sunset stroll across the Freedom Bridge that spans the gently flowing waters. Enjoy a quiet moment with your special someone as you hike to the perfect point at the Danube Bend to watch the sun sink into a rosy glow. 

With roots dating back to the pioneering Romans, Central Hungary has become known for its stress-melting hot spring spas. Visit the ever-popular Lake Hévíz to sink into the year-round naturally heated waters and enjoy the therapeutic properties of the steamy springs. If you're looking to immerse yourself into a world of pampering, be sure to check out the custom packages available at the renowned Szechenyi Bath and Spa. 

From the beautiful Baroque styling of the University Church to the majestic towers of the Parliment Building, the streets of Budapest are filled to brim with iconic sites, statues, and artistic expressions, making this an art historian's dream vacation. Make sure to visit both the Museum of Fine Arts as well as the Hungarian National Museum to see the long-standing and traveling exhibits that make this city a destination for art-lovers all over the world!

If you want to get out and about, there are bike tours that will take you through the maze of streets and shops, or into the lush woods and countryside where you can taste wine at the local vineyards. Or try a heart-pumping running tour where you can get your exercise in and then sample a pint from a historic brewery. 

Nearby Day Trips 

Head east into the Bükk Mountains to explore the picturesque city of Eger. Take pictures of the expertly-designed Dobó Castle Museum and the Baroque Lyceum. After enjoying a delicious meal at one of the local spots, take your group over to the 11th-century marvel of the Castle of Eger. 

Hugging the border between Hungary and Slovakia, the Aggtelek National Park boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site status as well as one of the most sought-after hiking spots in Europe. Come explore the ceiling-clinging stalactites and beautiful dripping rock formations of the famous Baradla Cave. You will definitely want to have your camera ready for this trip!

From iconic natural wonders to history-laden cathedrals and palaces, Central Hungary is a destination that offers the unparalleled charm of ancient sites and the modern elements of nightlife, tours, and outdoor destinations. Come explore the beauty, fall in love with the culture, and create priceless once-in-a-lifetime moments in our vacation rentals in Central Hungary!

Photo Credit: eLKayPics via Flickr