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About Dangriga

Settle into the leisurely pace of the Caribbean with one of our rental homes in Dangriga, Belize. You'll forget all your worries relaxing on the sandy beach beneath coconut palms, eating fresh fruit off the mango trees. With tranquil ocean waters and exceptional diving at the Belize Barrier Reef, Dangriga and its vibrant Garifuna culture will capture your heart and open your eyes to a world you've only dreamed about!

Where is Dangriga, Belize?

Dangriga is a small city on the central coast of Belize, about 70 miles south of bustling Belize City and 55 miles east of the inland town of Belmopan. With rainforests and the Maya Mountains to the west, and cayes and the Reef 20 miles to the east, this is the perfect jumping-off point for any Belizean adventure. 

The North Stann Creek separates the city in half - the south side is busy with boats shuttling people to and from the surrounding cayes, while the north houses a bustling market where you can buy fruit, vegetables, and fresh fish to cook and enjoy in your vacation rental's kitchen. Don't be fooled by the population of only 9,000 - this city is the cultural center of the Garifuna people, who have deeply influenced the country since their arrival in the year 1200.

Holidays in Dangriga

Come to Dangriga during the holidays to catch celebrations like you've never seen before. In November, a week-long celebration leads up to Garifuna Settlement Day, which involves drumming, punta dancing, and drinking. Christmas and New Year's are celebrated livelily, as well, with masked and costumed dancers parading through the streets, and sporting events such as cycling, basketball, and fútbol for everyone's entertainment. Escape to this little paradise to party Garifuna-style!

Restaurants and Nightlife in Dangriga

Dangriga has restaurants serving every kind of cuisine you can think of, from local dishes to Chinese food, cheeseburgers, and fries. Come evening, big-barrel barbecues are set up on the street sides, serving delicious grilled chicken with flour tortillas, beans, and coleslaw for very cheap - yum!

Nightlife consists mainly of karaoke clubs with a heavy flavor of country music, and nightclubs playing upbeat, Punta rock - a Caribbean style genre dominated by keyboards and heavy drums. Let loose at night in Belize and dance the night away.

Attractions Near Dangriga

Many adventures await in and around Dangriga - the Gulisi Garifuna Museum will give you an understanding of the culture and history of the Garifuna people, and at the Maya Center Mayan Museum, you can learn about Mayan culture, purchase traditional Mayan artwork, and see how organic chocolate is made at the adjoined Che'il Chocolate Factory (you can even try your hand at making the chocolate if you wish).

To the south is the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary - founded in 1990, this 150-square-mile lush rainforest on the eastern slopes of the Maya Mountains was the world's first sanctuary for jaguars, and is currently regarded as the premier site for jaguar preservation. Visit here to witness beautiful flora, fauna, rivers, and waterfalls, or take an overnight camping and kayak tour. Another great activity is zip lining and waterfall rappelling at the Mayflower Bocawina National Park.

Don't damper your vacation by staying in an expensive and shabby hotel - relax in privacy and leisure with one of our vacation rentals in Dangriga for the ultimate paradise experience!

Photo Credit: Hotel MedioMundo via Flickr