Smart home essentials for your vacation rental

Get our top three smart home devices for free when you choose Vacasa vacation rental management.

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Modern vacation rental management requires big ideas

At Vacasa, we commit to doing more to protect your home and make your guests happy. And our tech-savvy teams are here to help.

When you partner with us, you get three essential smart rental property management devices at no additional cost to you. They’re all monitored by our team 24/7, every day of the year—keeping your home protected, your guests happy, and you in control.

Take a look at our free vacation rental smart home technology offering. And bear in mind: partnering with us means you can modernize your management while saving over $500 on the devices alone (not to mention the monthly or yearly costs of monitoring and upkeep).

Why vacation rental smart home tech matters


No more worrying about lost keys, noisy guests, and sharing personal digital information.


Stressed about who can access your home and what they get up to during their stay? Smart home automation delivers easy ways for us to monitor your home.


Guests love hassle-free keyless entry and simple sign-on to your home’s WiFi.

Smart locks: one of our favorite smart home essentials

Vacation rental locks can be a hassle—physical key exchanges, lockboxes with permanent codes, the stress of early check-ins and overstays. (You get the picture.)

With a smart lock for your short-term rental, you can kiss these key-related conundrums goodbye. Our smart locks allow guests to seamlessly enter your home using a code in our mobile app—and make it simple and secure for our home care teams to do what they do best.

The result? More safety for your home, and a modern experience for you and your guests.

Noise monitoring devices

We admit it: we’re not party people.

As a part of our Good Neighbor policy, all Vacasa guests agree to treat your community with the respect it deserves.

And we can nip problems in the bud, thanks to in-home noise monitoring. Unlike security cameras, in-home noise monitoring devices are a discreet way to know if guests are enjoying your home in a respectful manner.

If their noise exceeds a certain decibel level, your local Vacasa property management team will get an alert to make sure everything’s above board. That means you—and your neighbors—can rest easy.

WiFi router with a Vacasa-branded network

No need for passwords here. Our WiFi routers make it simple for guests to securely access your home’s internet.

Getting online at a Vacasa home is like using the internet at a hotel. Users simply join the Vacasa network, agree to our terms and conditions, and then browse to their heart’s content.

But there’s an added bonus for home security, too. Our routers monitor the number of devices connected to your network at any one time, which can help your local team weed out issues before they arise.

Smart technologies FAQ

We think so. With ever-increasing guest demands and multiplying opportunities to rent your vacation home on Airbnb, smart home technologies—including smart locks, WiFi, and noise monitors—can help you manage efficiently.

We’d say the best smart home devices for Airbnbs and other vacation rentals include smart locks, WiFi routers, and noise monitors. If you’re looking to go the extra mile (and save a few bucks doing it), you may also consider smart thermostats. Remotely monitoring your heating and cooling can help your home be more efficient and your rentals more cost-effective.

A smart lock has some strong safety advantages over other types of vacation rental locks. If you're used to leaving a spare key under your doormat, or you regularly worry about a guest taking home a spare key by mistake, installing a smart lock is a no-brainer.

Keyless entry locks allow us to grant access to certain visitors—and only them—when necessary. A smart lock also gives you the added reassurance that your house key won't be copied, since you won't be handing out physical keys to your guests.

No, the device you’ll receive doesn’t record any sound. It only measures the volume. The noise monitor is triggered by sustained high-decibel noise (like a party)—alerting your local manager when a situation needs their attention, while maintaining the privacy of you and your guests.

Yes. Our WiFi router does not replace your existing modem or internet service. It works in tandem with your current equipment and network for a standardized guest experience.

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