Visit a real-life sugarhouse on these Vermont maple syrup tours

Person wearing gloves holding a jar and filling up with maple syrup from a tap.
Stacked pancakes with butter and syrup on a white plate with a fork and knife.

Each fall, thousands of travelers journey to Vermont for its rolling hills dappled with autumn colors. Much of the vibrant foliage belongs to the sugar maple, Vermont’s state tree and the source of its famous maple syrup. From the first metal sap spout in the 19th century to the local sugarhouses still thriving today, the tradition of harvesting maple syrup every spring is deeply woven into Vermont’s history. Be sure to experience it with a sugarhouse tour when you book one of our Vermont vacation rentals.

Baird Farm – Chittenden

Tucked away on 560 acres, Baird Farm harvests some of Vermont’s finest syrup. The farm produces certified organic syrup via strict USDA and VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers) guidelines. Learn about the process on a guided tour, which you can schedule on their website.

Baird’s gift shop is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day, and the sugarhouse offers free samples anytime. It’s a family operation in a gorgeous corner of the state!

Vermont vacation rentals near Baird Farm

K. Ruane Maple Farm – Tinmouth

K. Ruane Maple Farm is a small, family-run operation where guests are welcome year-round. They love giving tours of their farm and produce a whopping 3,200 gallons of maple syrup every year. If you make it out during open house weekend, you’ll be treated to fresh pancakes topped with their signature syrup.

Sugarbush Cheese and Maple Farm – Woodstock

Around 8,500 trees produce the Luce family’s famous maple syrup at Sugarbush Farm, open to tourists nearly every day of the year. Taste four different grades of syrup as you learn about the sugaring process, and sample some homemade cheddar while you’re at it.

A nature trail winds through the woods, taking you past the farm’s animals and trees. Every part of the year offers something different here, from peak sugaring season to the bustling summer months to enchanted snowy holidays.

Green Mountain Sugar House – Ludlow

Make Green Mountain Sugar House a destination on your quest for the best maple syrup. This down-home operation educates visitors about sugaring and, of course, offers samples.

Visit the gift shop for all manners of maple products, including a crowd-pleasing pancake mix and syrup combo package. Order a maple creemee—Green Mountain’s signature maple soft serve in a cone—and enjoy it on the spacious lawn.

Vermont vacation rentals near Green Mountain Sugar House

Mitch’s Maples – Chester

A sugaring staple for over 70 years, Mitch’s Maples opens their sugarhouse daily to the public, selling their wares and showing off the sugaring process. During the harvest season in the spring, they offer tours on the weekends while the syrup is boiling.

Maple syrup isn’t the only treat to come from trees here—maple candy and maple cream fill the shop’s shelves, too. If you’re craving their sweets after a visit, Mitch’s products can be purchased online, so you can restock your maple stash from anywhere.

Goodrich’s Maple Farm – Cabot

Ever been to a sugar on snow party? Goodrich’s hosts them during the sugaring season when there’s snow on the ground. Here, hot syrup (231 degrees, to be exact) meets fresh snow and instantly caramelizes, turning into chewy taffy candy.

Goodrich’s offers group tours of the farm, too. Just be sure to call in advance to make your reservation. Pick up some of their maple products on the way out as a souvenir for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to come along.

Merck Forest & Farmland Center – Rupert

Merck Forest and Farmland Center teaches visitors the importance of sustainable farming and forestry, which includes the production of their delicious organic maple syrup. Tour the farm’s 40-acre sugarbush, where about 3,000 taps produce syrup yearly.

Visitors can explore the grounds and even hike on-site. Family-centered events are available year-round, so stick around for farming demonstrations, hiking opportunities, festivals, and more. Of course, sweet syrup can be purchased in their gift shop on your way out.

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