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About Los Ríos

Formally established as an official region in 2007, Chile's (https://www.vacasa.com/vacation-rentals/chile/) Los Ríos area doesn't have the same immediate recognition as the areas near its great cities, like vibrant Santiago (https://www.vacasa.com/vacation-rentals/chile/Santiago/) or seaside Valparaíso (https://www.vacasa.com/vacation-rentals/chile/Valparaiso/). However, sights no less amazing than the Plaza de Armas await within Los Ríos, as the southern region boasts plenty of small towns to enjoy as well as an array of stunning natural beauty to appreciate. Our vacation rentals put you in a convenient place to see it all!

Towns of Los Ríos

The largest settlement in Los Ríos, Valdivia, houses about half of the region's population of over 300,000 people. Set on the banks of the Calle-Calle River, which later becomes the Valdivia River, this city boasts plenty of restaurants and shops to visit, as well as museums and botanical gardens.

The rest of Los Ríos is largely defined by smaller towns, from the riverside beauty of Los Lagos in the center of the region to lakeside amusements at Ranco Lake to the south. Wherever your vacation home may be, you can count on charming local restaurants and an incredibly scenic drive wherever you go!

Hiking, Biking, Zip Lining, and More in Los Ríos

Despite the name of the region, there's more to Los Ríos than the rivers - don't forget about the mountains! In addition to the majestic Andes looming to the east of the region, there are plenty of mountain peaks and hilly areas interspersed throughout. The biological preserve of Huilo Huilo in one such area lets you hike and bike through untouched, pristine mountain wilderness. If you're really feeling adventurous, you can ascend to new heights with guided adventures in the snow or zip line above the canopy of a nearby forest!

Experience the Jungles of Los Ríos

One of the region's most awe-inspiring claims to fame lies just south of Valdivia. The Valdivian Jungle is a temperate rain forest that stretches from Los Ríos all the way to Argentina, with gorgeous growths of trees, plants, and plenty of species of animals all existing harmoniously. Protected areas like the Reserva Nacional Valdivia let you marvel at the forests firsthand without intruding on local plants or wildlife.

Santiago might have its shopping and dining, and Valparaíso might have its beaches, but neither has the diverse natural beauty awaiting you in Los Ríos. From fishing in rushing river waters and swimming in lakes to hiking through the jungle before returning to a filling meal in town, a trip to one of our vacation rentals in Los Ríos is one you won't soon forget.

Photo Credit: Alvaro Hermosilla via Flickr