Sunrise Resort Condos

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About Sunrise Resort
There are few better ways to experience the stunning beauty of Costa Rica than from the comfort and convenience of a seaside resort. The Sunrise Resort on the nation's western coast is an excellent example - it perfectly balances easy access to the sights and sounds around it with an amazing selection of perks and amenities. You'll feel right at home in our vacation rentals at Sunrise Resort!

Amenities of Sunrise Resort

Located in the Guanacaste Province beloved by tourists, the Sunrise Resort offers more than the nearby beach and attractions along the coast. The architecture - Greco-Roman pillars - create an elegant, almost Mediterranean atmosphere to enthrall you as you take in the amenities of the resort. The shared pool - one of the largest resort pools in the area - features an interactive rock waterfall, with plenty of space for sunbathing on the surrounding decks when you've toweled off.

Take a stroll through the immaculate gardens before retiring with your loved ones to your room. Whether you opt for an intimate getaway or one with the whole family, you can enjoy features like cable TV, fully furnished kitchens, and central air conditioning when you choose one of our comfortable vacation rentals.

Things to Do near Sunrise Resort

Sunrise Resort is well-placed for taking in everything the area has to offer. For starters, it's only a few seconds away from the soft white sands and gentle Pacific waves of the beach. When you've had enough splashing with the kids or long walks with your sweetheart, you can head into downtown Tamarindo - the Sunrise Resort is right on the town's main street, providing instant access to nearby shops and restaurants. On top of shopping and dining, Tamarindo offers opportunities for surf lessons, fishing trips, and cruises - and it's all minutes away from your vacation rental!

Why hesitate to plan the best Costa Rican vacation you've ever had? Explore our homes at Sunrise Resort and get your next incredible adventure started!