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About Midas Resort
Fill your days with sun-soaked floating sessions in the tropical pool as the chic waterfall accent pours cool water down the rocks when you stay at the Midas Resort. Nestled among the rediscovered Mayan ruins, epic caves, and lush jungles, is an indulgent jewel in the Belize countryside. Whether you're traveling with a group of friends, planning a destination wedding, or simply treating yourself as a solo traveler, this relaxing spot offers amenities and easy access to local attractions, making your stay stress-free.

With group adventures available, guided tours that will take you through the impressive Mayan Ruins, and staff to help you plan once-in-a-lifetime day trips, you'll have everything you need at your fingertips for a memorable stay at our Midas Resort vacation rentals.

Where is the Midas Resort?

On the northern outskirts of the vibrant city of San Ignacio, and just a short walk from the waters of the Macal River, the Midas Resort puts you away from the tourists, off the beaten path, and surrounds you with the beauty of the beautiful Belize landscape. About 70 miles from Belize City, day trips will be hassle-free.

Things to Do at Midas Resort

Take a day to simply unwind next to the tropical pool. Catch up with a good book while the water gently falls down the rocks and into the waiting cool pool, then jump into the find the hidden cave behind the waterfall feature. Grab a drink at the poolside bar and challenge a friend to a game on the Playstation. Enjoy a local dish and sip on a refreshing signature cocktail while the sun dips below the horizon.

Book a tour that will take you through the lush jungles and majestic caves that have made this region a worldwide destination. Your guide will take you down the river on an innertube to the Caves Branch Archaeological Site, where you can explore a hidden underground world. Make sure you have your camera ready - these are sites you won't want to miss!

Reserve your spot on an excursion to the largest Archaeological site in Central America when you visit the Tikal Mayan Temple in Guatemala. This rich historical site allows you the chance to peek inside Mayan spiritual life. Unexplainably abandoned in 900 AD, your guide will recount the stories that surround this magical site.

Visit the San Ignacio Town Market to pick up some fresh local produce and head back to your place to put the fully-equipped kitchen in your vacation rental to work. After making an amazing breakfast, get set for a fun-filled day of standing in the breath of a waterfall and swimming in the picture-perfect lagoons when you book your tour to the Vaca Plateau Forest Reserve.

Day Trips and Nearby Fun

Plan a day to explore the storied historical site of the Mayan ruins in Caracol. Only 50 miles away, this cultural treasure offers visitors the chance to learn about Ca'ana, a 140-foot pyramid that is known as the "Sky Palace." Look out from the top upon a reflective water reservoir and an expanse of courtyards and try to imagine this city in its prime.

Jump on a tour that will take you to two of the three different Mayan sites on horseback! See the wonders of Xunantunich, Buena Vista, and Calla Creek singularly for easy half-day rides, or weave two of the three rides together for a full-day adventure and immerse yourself in a creative way of seeing some of the world's most impressive sites.

Everyone from history buffs to relaxing loungers will be treated to a vacation filled with sun-soaked days, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and amenities that will melt the stress away when you book your next escape to our vacation rentals at the Midas Resort in Belize. Lose yourself as the day slips away by the pool or explore the hidden ruins of the Mayan Empire - the choice is up to you!

Photo Credit: Mig Gilbert via Flickr