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About Viña del Mar

Find yourself easing into luxury in one of our Viña del Mar vacation rentals! With sprawling white-sand beaches, towering seaside resorts and malls, and a bright, clean atmosphere, Viña del Mar is known as Chile's premier beach resort city with a population of about 288,329 year-round residents. Well-to-do Chilean residents and tourists from around the globe come here to treat themselves to a relaxing week in the sun, with a totally different vibe than its southern neighbor of Valparaíso or the capital, Santiago!

Things to Do in Viña del Mar

This coastal resort town beckons with countless luxury resorts, malls, and nightlife all centered around the white sands and blue water. As Chile's fourth-largest city, an urban feel abounds, with a few hotspots near our Viña del Mar vacation rentals. Plaza México and Avenida San Martín are bustling with bars, restaurants, and clubs where you can dance the night away. The seafood here is exquisite of course, so trying different restaurants all around Viña del Mar lodging is always rewarding - or you could test your luck at Casino de Viña del Mar (one of the few and oldest casinos in the country). 

You might catch a musical performance at the Quinta Vergara Amphitheater, which hosts the International Song Festival during the month of February. Soccer games are a good option for entertainment at Estadio Sausalito, where you can see the vibrant culture come alive and cheer on their local team. Nearby, the gorgeous Granadilla Golf Course occasionally hosts professional tournaments, and you might try your own hand at a course just north at Las Salinas.

Beaches near Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar is home to some of (if not the most!) beautiful beaches in all of Chile. Reñaca is a delightful, particularly clean beach with beautiful views. It attracts a good number of young tourists, so this is the perfect place to come if you're looking for fun with music and delicious restaurants right on the waterfront. Another great beach nearby is Costanera, which features play areas for kids, such as playgrounds and trampolines, as well as bars for adults. Take a stroll down the strip of sand and watch the surfers play in the waves, or explore the shops and restaurants along the eight streets of town.

Just a short drive north, near the quiet town of Concón, the Dunas de Concon (sand dunes) are an interesting sight to see - great for climbing to score a spot to watch a spectacular sunset! If you're more focused on getting out in the water, though, you can always rent surfing gear in town, or join a charter to check out some nearby scuba diving. You'll be more motivated to tire yourself out knowing you have the luxury of your own vacation house to return to at night.

Also, just 19 miles north of Valparaiso lies the quaint and beautiful town of Quintero, where you'll find picturesque beaches with secret surf spots and easy access to many outdoor adventures nearby.

Viña del Mar Outdoor Attractions

Naturally, the beaches are the main attractions here, but to get outside and enjoy the weather in other ways, check out the National Botanic Garden, eight kilometers southeast of the city center. With 61 hectares and more than 3,000 species of plants, this beautiful area has earned Viña del Mar its nickname as "the Garden City." With numerous other well-kept parks such as Parque Quinta Vergara, there's no shortage of places to stretch your legs for a bit.

For more outdoor recreation, consider a vacation home in the neighboring mid-size city of Quilpué, which offers easy access to activities for families, including the Zoologico de Quilpué and Reserva Nacional Lago Peñuelas, which protects over 120 species of birds and features some excellent hiking around a beautiful lake.

Whether you're adventuring a bit around the region or kicking back on one of the glorious beaches, our Viña del Mar vacation rentals will keep you in a state of serenity while you spend your time here! Discover all that this beautiful area has to offer in style.

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