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About Uruguay

As fun as a trip to sunny Mexico or the unique coastline of Chile can be, there's nothing quite like a trip to Uruguay. The tiny country may be sandwiched between two much more famous neighbors - Brazil to the north and Argentina to the south - but the nation of 3.4 million people shouldn't be overlooked. One of the most prosperous countries on the entire continent, this thriving nation offers a unique combination of natural beauty, rustic charm, and modern, urban wonders that visitors should be sure not to miss!


Almost one-third of the country's population lives in the bustling, coastal metropolis that serves as Uruguay's capital - a number that climbs to nearly half when you include surrounding suburban areas. This is no coincidence - Montevideo is one of South America's brightest, most prosperous cities, combining the vibrant flair of local culture with the prestige and polish of commerce and trade. You'll love getting to know the sprawling city, from the industry-heavy port to the warm waters and soft sands of the beaches near your cozy rental home. 

Each neighborhood offers a unique aesthetic and atmosphere, with downtown serving as a hodgepodge of skyscrapers, older buildings, and gorgeous art-deco structures, while the beach communities in the south have a consistently relaxed, modern vibe. Incredible restaurants are sprinkled throughout the city, as well as the theaters, bars, and dance clubs that make up its incredible night life. You'll be grateful for your comfy home, no matter what hours you sleep. If you're an urban explorer visiting Uruguay, be sure to visit elsewhere before Montevideo - once you arrive, you may never want to leave!

Western Uruguay

Offering a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Montevideo, the western lands of the country boast a great mix of urban attractions and rustic charm, with small towns and cobblestone streets breaking up the gorgeous river lands around you. The Argentinian border lies just beyond the Río de la Plata (River of Silver) and Río Uruguay (Uruguay River), but there's more than enough to do in what locals call "el litoral" (the shore) before you start wondering about exploring Uruguay's neighbor.

This western region offers relaxing river banks and untouched natural preserves, plus the occasional oddity, like Salto's hot springs. If you're not afraid of the occasional traffic jam behind a donkey, gaucho country offers a beautiful mix of stunning natural wonders with the grand architecture of an occasional estancia breaking up the landscape.

Eastern Uruguay

340 kilometers of verdant forests, sandy beaches, rolling dunes, and unique lagoons await in Eastern Uruguay, which shockingly remains somewhat unknown, despite its immense natural beauty. That's not to suggest people interested in cosmopolitan or intellectual attractions won't have a good time here - far from it!
This region bordering Brazil boasts many historic fortresses and shipwrecks to explore, while Carnaval and Christmas festivals dominate the nearby towns from late December to the beginning of March. 

Any time of year will make for an exceptional visit, however, with an array of perfect beaches for sunning, forests and swamps teeming with exotic wildlife, and more beautiful nature, which makes for incredible photos and unforgettable memories! Don't sacrifice any freedom on your vacation by staying in your own, private home.

Between the bustling streets and towering skyscrapers of Montevideo, the sunny banks of the Río de la Plata, and the sandy beaches and bouncing nightlife of Punta del Este, there's no shortage of amazing experiences awaiting you in Uruguay. Whatever you're looking for in a vacation, odds are you'll find it somewhere in this incredible country!

Photo Credit: Vince Alongi via Flickr