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About Lanzarote
For many vacationers to Spain's gorgeous Canary Islands, the main focus is on the heavily populated isle of Tenerife. With several resorts, bustling towns, and forests and mountains to explore, the isle is a great vacation destination - but hardly the only one in the archipelago. The north-easternmost of the islands, Lanzarote, has fun resort towns, otherworldly volcanic features, and historical attractions make it a fantastic place to visit. Ensure your stay in Lanzarote is as comfortable as possible by choosing one of our vacation rentals.

Beaches and Towns

Despite its relatively small population, Lanzarote has several cities and towns that are worth a visit. The capital of Arrecife is the most accessible thanks to the airport right in town, although guests hoping to drive around the city should be prepared for difficulties navigating its narrow streets. Our conveniently located vacation rentals make it easy to get around on foot or by taxi. Arrecife is more than worth the trouble, as it boasts a bit of everything - an internationally renowned beach, a busy marina, and a lot of shopping and dining to enjoy.

If the hustle and bustle of the city becomes too much, just take it easy in one of the island's many resort towns and beaches. From the incredible Marina Rubicón on Blanca Beach to the old town of Puerto del Carmen, each locale has something special to offer alongside soft, white sands and gentle lapping waves. Experience the beaches from the comfort of the shore, or book a charter to try fishing and snorkeling!

History, Culture, and Natural Sciences

Alongside the stunning natural beauty of the island, Lanzarote has plenty of human history to discover along the way. Arrecife's old castles and forts provide plenty of stories to discover, from the art gallery of the Castle of San José to the archeological museum of the Castle of San Gabriel, which even features cannons and a drawbridge!

Fans of unique architecture shouldn't miss the Lagomar Museum - a stunning upscale home built right into the striking volcanic rock surrounding it. Lanzarote also boasts the largest aquarium of the Canary Islands, with a wide array of marine life native to the islands and hands-on activities like diving with sharks for the lionhearted! There's so much history on Lanzarote, you won't have to travel far from your vacation rental to see it.

Volcanic and Natural Beauty

The main attraction of Lanzarote, though, is its incredible geography. The island was transformed by volcanic activity in the 18th and 19th centuries, creating inland landscapes of black, sandy mounds, wide craters, and black rock formations that sharply contrast with the more conventional sights like tropical beaches and towns. The unearthly volcanic vistas of Timanfaya National Park have a few footpaths open to the public amidst its sprawling landscapes of volcanic soil, along with geysers and a path accessible by camel. Dormant volcanic craters lie all over the island, with one free to access just near Blanca Beach.

The sights underneath ground are just as amazing as those above. The Atlantida Tunnel stretches over four miles, making it the longest volcanic tunnel in the world. As visitors explore the portions of the tunnel open to the public, they can admire the shimmering emerald-green walls of the Los Verdes Cave, or duck outside and enjoy the beach by the natural auditorium of the Jameos del Agua.

Escape the crowds on your next trip to Spain by booking a stay on the lesser-known Canary Island, Lanzarote. With white, sandy beaches, majestic natural landscapes, and historical attractions just around the corner from your vacation rental, you're guaranteed a trip of a lifetime!

Photo Credit: Esther Herberts via Flickr