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About Melkbosstrand
Waves crash across pure white sands, kitesurfers zip about on the open water, and Table Mountain rises out of the mist across the bay. This magnificent view provides the backdrop for the alluring village of Melkbosstrand - one of the prettiest towns on the dazzlingly beautiful Western Cape. But as a stay in one of our delightful Melkbosstrand vacation rentals quickly reveals, there's far more to enjoy here than just the scenery.

Where is Melkbosstrand, South Africa?

Melkbosstrand is located about 20 miles north of the bustling port city of Cape Town, one of South Africa's liveliest urban centers. Although Melkbosstrand is often considered a suburb of its larger neighbor, it possesses a quiet charm and vibrant water sports culture all of its own.

Things to Do in Melkbosstrand

With miles of beach and brisk winds whipping across the water, Melkbosstrand has garnered a reputation among water sports aficionados as a hidden gem. From surfing and kitesurfing to jet-skiing, you'll find countless opportunities to take to the water and get your heart pumping. If you prefer to stay on dry land, take a leisurely stroll down the beach and prepare to have your breath taken away by the majestic colors of the sun sinking into the Atlantic Ocean.

For a uniquely South African experience, plan a trip to nearby Durbanville, a picturesque valley that produces some of the country's finest wines. This small area is home to 12 first-rate wineries, popularly referred to as the Durbanville Wine Route, and is a must-visit for anyone who loves a good glass of wine - or who simply wants to expand their palette.

If you're looking to discover the best that South Africa has to offer (without the crowds!), book a stay in one of our Melkbosstrand vacation rentals for an entrancing Western Cape getaway.

Photo Credit: Bob Leckridge via Flickr