Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay Vacation Rentals

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About Diaz Beach, Mossel Bay
If you’re looking for a secluded, romantic beach getaway near Cape Town, our Diaz Beach vacation rentals are waiting for you. Take note that this beach is remote and requires a fair bit of physical labor to access it—20 minutes for the hike down and another 40 to get back up. But the payoff is incredible, with jagged rocks, sapphire seas, and powdery white sands. While the waters are a bit too strong for leisure swimming, you can stand in the sun and watch surfers ride the pounding waves, or pack a picnic and enjoy the vivid sunsets.

You won’t be far from the city of George, which is full of activities, such as golf courses and museums. Or you can take a scenic drive through Montagu Pass, a road that twists through the lush mountains surrounding the area.

Experience the rugged beauty of Mossel Bay with one of our lavish Diaz Beach condo rentals. Book yours today.