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About Lombardy

Defined by its diversity from one border to another, Lombardy or Lombardia in Italian, is one of Italy's most influential areas. One of the most populated regions in the country, Lombary also has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any other Italian region which makes for an interesting combination of ancient history and modern conveniences. Many of our Lombardy vacation rentals are nestled among the beautiful landscape made up of mountains, lakes, hills, and plains.

Milan acts as the region's commercial epicenter and people-magnet, but there are still many incredible sights to see and locations to explore in this spectacular part of Italy. From the huge mountains in the north to the wine regions in the south, there's something for guests of all ages and interests.

Choose to stay in one of our Lombardy vacation rentals and you can spend your days devouring some risotto alla milanese, swimming in a sparkling clear blue lake, or examining a famous fresco.

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