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About Lazio

Stretching from the Abruzzo mountains to the Tiber River and out to the Tyrrhenian Sea, Lazio is an amazing place to explore whether you're a city-slicker or an outdoor adventurer! Best known for its economic and cultural capital of Rome, our Lazio vacation rentals give visitors a comfortable home away from home as they explore many incredible sights such as sweeping olive fields, the Colosseum, and gorgeous remote areas like the Pontine Islands.

The Capital City: Rome

As the cultural giant of Lazio and Italy at large, Rome is a cosmopolitan city that has seemingly endless things to see and do! Home to about 4.3 million people, it's Italy's largest city, and literally thousands of years of history as its base make it a remarkable place to visit no matter where you're from.

Several ultra-famous landmarks dot the center of Roma, including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps - all within walking distance from one another. Hire a guide or simply rent out some audiobooks that can give you the background history on all of these amazing artifacts!

The Vatican City is also a must-see in Roma - as the only independent state that's actually located within a city, the Vatican is a once-in-a-lifetime experience no matter what your religion! Spend your day admiring the Sistine Chapel (but make sure to keep quiet), or climb St. Peter's Basilica for panoramic views of Rome and the surrounding hillsides.

Sites to Visit in Lazio

Of course, the region of Lazio offers many more sites to explore outside of its most famous metropolis. South of Rome, the Pontine Islands offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ponza and Ventotene are the two bigger islands that have accommodations, restaurants, and local businesses - spend your days relaxing in the sun and devouring fresh seafood, or take a boat out for some fishing or diving! There are several ruins to explore, as well as the rugged rocks and shoreline that offer splendid views.

To the northeast of Rome, the Abruzzo mountains offer towering limestone cliffs, and there are several ski resorts where you can get to know the Italian powder. The rolling hillsides and plains near Rome supply ample fresh Italian food staples like olives and wine, and there's always something fresh to taste in this incredible region!

With a vibrant worldly city at its epicenter and majestic landscapes as a backdrop, our Lazio vacation rentals are the perfect home base for getting to know this historic part of Italy!