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About Italy

Ahh, Italia… even the name of this beautiful country is easy on the taste buds! Known as lo Stivale (the boot), Italy is the fifth most-visited country in the world, and for a variety of reasons. Home to exquisite artwork, varied terrain that includes everything from sky-high mountains to sweltering seasides, and, of course, outrageously delicious food, you can't go wrong in practically any corner of this sprawling country. Whether you're gazing at the Tower of Pisa or devouring a plate of carbonara, Italy has something for everyone to enjoy!  

Northwest Italy

This stunning area is known for its towering mountains, colorful cliffside towns, sparkling lakes, and fashion-forward cities – each of which has its own unique history and attractions. 

Mont Blanc (15,781 ft.), located just between the border of France and Italy, is the highest mountain in the Alps as well as the prime destination for many adventurers looking for skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering. Lake Como and Lake Garda are world-famous for spectacular views and waters, and you’ll lose yourself shopping in Milan and Turin, which serve as business and fashion epicenters. 

Along the coast, the Italian Riviera beckons with the vibrant port city of Genoa, as well as the five charming fishing villages called the Cinque Terre!

Northeast Italy

Best-known for the flooded streets and canals of Venice, this part of Italy boasts several fantastic cities as well as famous menu items that will keep your mouth watering for days. Although it is technically sinking, the water-built city of Venice maintains a cultural richness that’s difficult to beat – the gondolas slowly cruising the canals, the fantastic art galleries and recitals, the naturally romantic backdrop - it’s all still alive and well in Venice! 

The rugged limestone cliffs and mountains of the Dolomites provide epic views and great hiking options, not to mention more ski resorts. Verona, Bologna, Ferrara, Parma, and Padua are all other fabulous cities with varied cuisine and shopping options to discover. 

Central Italy 

History buffs, art addicts, and nature-lovers alike will delight in Central Italy's diverse options for indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you're wine-tasting in the rolling hills of Tuscany, admiring ultra-famous artworks in Florence, immersing yourself in the 'City of Soul' (aka Rome), or wandering the lush green national parks of Abruzzo, this region has something for everyone to appreciate. 

Although La Santa Sede, or the Vatican, is technically its own independent state, the views of Rome from the top are mind-blowing - regardless of your religion! 

Southern Italy, Sardinia, and Sicily

Rich in diversity, agriculture, and spectacular landscapes, Italy's south is a must-see for anyone looking for the full Italia experience. 

Filled with coastal charm and a gritty, city-centric ambiance, Naples is the heart of the south. It stubbornly adjoins the base of Mt. Vesuvius (4,203 ft.), which is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, providing for ample excitement. The Pompeii ruins are one of the most visited attractions in Italy, and the numerous rustic castles, villages, and beaches along the Amalfi Coast attract thousands of tourists each year. 

The Mediterranean islands of Sardinia and Sicily each boast their own varied cultural escapes and attractions as well, not to mention absolutely gorgeous coastlines and delicious cuisine. 

Wine, cheese, gelato, espresso, pasta, prosecco, pizza... did we mention the wine? Spend the day exploring different terrains or stuffing your stomach, and the nights filling your ears with classical opera music, or the chatter of the passionate Italian language! 

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