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About Prague Old Town
In a storied city with foundations that predate the turn of the millennium, an "old" part of town takes on an almost mythical quality. Such is the case in the City of a Thousand Spires, where Prague Old Town marks the historic center of a metropolis already teeming with history. It's a place to take strolls back in time, to wander the Vltava River, to lose yourself in cobblestone lanes - and to explore one of Europe's most beautiful cities at our Prague Old Town vacation rentals.

Where is Prague Old Town?

Prague Old Town, known in Czech as Staré Město, hugs the eastern banks of the Vltava River in the core of the city center. This charming part of Prague, where building largely began in the 11th century and flourished under Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, stretches from the Štefánikův Bridge in the north to the Legion Bridge downstream. At its heart is the Old Town Square - the city's central marketplace for more than a thousand years.

Famous Sites in Prague Old Town

The Old Town Square is the ideal place to begin your exploration of this UNESCO-protected historic district, where you'll wander a confounding tangle of lanes amidst 14th-century architectural marvels.

Find your bearings at the Old Town Hall, the site of the world-famous Astronomical Clock that springs into action every hour, on the hour. The Old Town Square is also an architecture timeline of sorts, with works that range from the Gothic Church of Our Lady Before Týn to the Rococo Kinsky Palace.

Catch a spectacular sunrise on the 14th-century Charles Bridge, the crown jewel of Prague architecture with its 16 arches and 30 Baroque statues. Walk the winding streets of the Jewish Quarter to explore the synagogues, ceremonial hall, and historic cemetery that make up the Jewish Museum.

Things to Do in Prague Old Town

In need of a coffee? There's no better place for one than Café Montmartre, Grand Café Orient, or one of the other legendary coffeehouses known for their rich history and artistic design. If you're in the mood for beer, take the afternoon to explore Prague's famous beer halls and pubs, which regularly turn out some of the finest (and first) pilsner in the world.

Mingle with the locals at Kozička near the Old Town Square, relish in the 500-year history of U Medvídků, or catch a live accordion performance at U Vejvodů. In search of a grand view? Cross the Štefánikův Bridge to reach Letná Beer Garden, where you can sip a cold pilsner and soak in vistas of Prague Old Town across the river.

You'll find history, culture, and unrivaled beauty in the heart of the Czech Republic - reserve your stay at one of our Prague Old Town vacation rentals today!

Photo Credit: Cristi B Via Flickr