Naxos Condominiums and Vacation Rentals

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About Naxos Condominiums
Get ready for a Costa Rican getaway with the comfort and luxury you and your family deserve! Naxos Condominiums provide an excellent balance of top-notch amenities and a convenient location for exploration. No matter what kind of trip you're looking for, our vacation rentals at Naxos provide the perfect home base in Costa Rica!

Life at Naxos Condominiums

Located south of the small town of Tamarindo, Naxos Condominiums features 25 condos, each offering WiFi, DVD players, and nice, welcoming decor. There's more to Naxos than the rooms, however - for proof, head outside! A shared swimming pool awaits you below, featuring a calming waterfall surrounded by lush foliage. Not soothing enough? Head to the nearby spa tub for some well-earned relaxation.

If you'd prefer to head outside the property and take in the local scenery, you're in luck! Naxos Condominium is a brief stroll down the street from the soft sands and gentle waves of the beach. Take a romantic walk, try water sports like paddle-boarding and surfing, or bring a good book and read to the sound of the waves.

Things to Do Near Naxos Condominiums

Naxos is within walking distance of some nearby shops and restaurants, so you'll always have something to explore after a long day at the beach. If you really want some adventure, head northeast to Tamarindo! The town is full of shops and restaurants to try while also featuring a long expanse of gorgeous beachfront you can always count on for a good time.

If you're willing to head further afield, there's even more natural beauty waiting for you. Las Baulas National Marine Park is less than 12 miles to the north, featuring isolated beaches and forest trails ideal for hiking. The stunning Playa Grande is also nearby, while the sleepy Playa Ventanas is a little farther north.

Make your next trip to Guanacaste one you and your loved ones will never forget. Check out our vacation rentals at Naxos Condominiums today!

Photo Credit: _ang. via Flickr