Breakwater Point Vacation Rentals

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About Breakwater Point
With so many incredible vacation opportunities in Costa Rica, it can be overwhelming to decide where you should stay. But you can never go wrong at a trusted resort like Breakwater Point! Nestled between the Quebrada Bonita river and the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, our vacation rentals in this towering condo complex provide the perfect home base for exploring one of Costa Rica's most beloved coastal towns.

Resort Amenities at Breakwater Point

Tucked away with the other resorts at the north end of Jacó, Breakwater Point features its own suite of amenities, including the cooling blue waters of a swimming pool. But a stay at Breakwater Point doesn't just limit you to their own facilities - if you like, you can visit the neighbors! Croc's Casino and Resort, in particular, features its own massive swimming pool. Of course, there's also thrilling adult games in the eponymous casino.

Experiencing Jacó

Breakwater Point sits just off of Avenida Pastor Díaz, a road that serves as the beating heart of the town of Jacó. Lined with restaurants, bars, and more, you can always find a good time by simply strolling down the road. Whether you wind up at Jacó Blu Beach Club just nearby or Marea Alta near the other side of town, everyone will be happy.

At any time, of course, you can cut your exploration short and head to the beach. Soft, white sands await you alongside gentle Pacific waves. The climate and tides in Jacó are among the best in Puntarenas for swimming and surfing!

Excursions from Breakwater Point

Thanks to its convenient location at the northern edge of town, Breakwater Point is a perfect place to embark on a journey to Herradura! The fishing village six miles to the north boasts several charters for open-ocean fishing, and even offers its own small beach to enjoy as well as a golf course.

The nearby fresh water of the Quebrada Bonita makes for some stunning natural beauty, but if you're curious about more, just head into town and arrange a trip through the rainforest. Zip lining, hiking, and more are just moments away!