How to create a spa-style bathroom for your vacation rental guests


If there’s one place you can be sure guests will visit during their stay in your vacation rental, it’s the bathroom.

It’s a room that’s often overlooked in decorating, but it only takes a small investment to make a big difference. Before you know it, you’ll be gifting your guests a spa-like experience—right inside your vacation home.

Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Use color to accent.

Color gives a room its feeling and can bring in warmth and comfort. Stick with soft, neutral tones. Your bathroom should be a soothing and personal space for your guests—a retreat from the more chaotic aspects of vacationing.

Take your towels to the next level.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a spa? Big, soft, fluffy towels. So the quickest and easiest way to put your bathroom on track to becoming an in-home spa is to replace your bath towels with a few sets of luxurious resort-quality material. Make sure there are plenty of places for guests to hang and store the towels, too.

Storage is key.

Not every container in the bathroom has to store something you supply. It’s a good idea to have a few empty, small (but durable) baskets for guests to store their own toiletries, as they will undoubtedly bring a fair number of them.

Supply the bathroom essentials (and more!).

While guests might bring along their small items, larger items like hair dryers are often left behind to save space. That’s why it’s an absolute must to stock your bathroom with a quality hair dryer. In fact, this is the most common item guests ask about before visiting a Vacasa home! Curling irons and/or flat irons are never a bad idea either, but much more optional.

Add robes for a touch of luxury.

Soft bathrobes are another top item that everyone thinks of when they picture a spa; put at least two in every bedroom. Most guests won’t be expecting this kind of amenity from a vacation rental home, so including them is a simple way to wow guests and boost your reviews.

Don’t forget the basic upkeep.

Finally, make sure your bathroom is free of even the most minor issues. The caulking shouldn’t have mold or cracks, mirrors and tiles should be sparkling with zero grime in sight, and showerheads and sink faucets should have consistent and even water pressure—nothing like hopping in the shower only to rinse in a disappointing trickle of water because the head hasn’t been cleared or swapped out in years!

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