Live the Pura Vida in these eco-friendly Costa Rica treehouses

Walkway from tree house rental in Costa Rica extending to a tropical forest
Living area of Costa Rica treehouse

Pura Vida means “pure life” or “simple life.” In Costa Rica, it’s more than an expression—it’s a mantra about savoring the most essential things in life and letting the rest fall away. This principle is the driving force behind Finca Bellavista Treehouse Community, where you’ll find so much more than a traditional vacation. Learn more about the unforgettable experience these eco-friendly Costa Rica treehouses have to offer.

Community garden in Costa Rica

Seek sustainability and community

Finca Bellavista is driven by its commitment to the environment. This area of rainforest was scheduled to be deforested, before it was rescued and converted into 600 acres of ecotourism heaven. This arboreal community is pedestrian-access only, and it runs entirely on solar power. An on-site garden provides fresh produce year-round—guests at these Costa Rica treehouses can mingle over group meals with farm-to-table ingredients, hosted at “base camp.” Guests can also partake in daily happy hours, where travelers from all around the world come together to meet over refreshing cocktails.

Woman meditating in the sunset

Realign and rejuvenate

One of the most special things about Finca Bellavista is their commitment to providing a tranquil place. A short hike will take you to the riverside spa, where you can receive a massage amid the soothing sounds of the river. A reservation at one of these Costa Rica treehouses also includes morning yoga classes, perfect for stretching those legs after a day of exploration in the rainforest.

Woman at the bottom of a waterfall surrounded by greenery

Escape to nature

Speaking of rainforest adventures, you’ll find no shortage at Finca Bellavista. Hiking trails connect the community to lush jungles, roaring waterfalls, and natural pools for cooling off. For a rush, multiple zip line tracks connect different areas of the Finca Bellavista complex on a thrilling ride through the treetops. And if you’d like to venture off-site, you can take a guided e-bike tour to the nearby indigenous village of Los Angeles, passing incredible views of the Fila Cruces mountains and the glittering waters of Golfo Dolce. If you’d like to explore the surrounding region, be sure to book any tours before you arrive, as there is no cell service at Finca Bellavista.

Monkey in a tree

Experience wild Costa Rica

Bird-watching is a popular pastime for guests, and it’s easy to see why—these Costa Rica treehouses are integrated into the rainforest canopy for prime viewing of the country’s colorful avian life. Costa Rica is home to 800 species of birds—double the number of species in the United States and Canada combined. Birders delight in hearing the calls of toucans, macaws, quetzals, and owls just outside their treehouse. And it’s not just birds that guests are fawning over: squirrel monkeys are a common sight among the trees, especially in the dry summer months. Finca Bellavista even offers guided night hikes so guests can take a closer look at the nocturnal animals that inhabit the area.

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